Injury Prevention

We offer fully equipped recovery and rehabilitation services.

A Certified Athletic Trainer and Soft Tissue Therapist insure the athletes’ body gets the attention it needs to succeed.

  1. Muscle testing creates a proper treatment protocol and corrective exercise program to fit the individual needs of the athlete.
  2. Muscle balancing based the needs of the athlete and sport will be achieved through advanced active release and soft tissue work incorporated with a sport specific corrective training program.
  3. Proper recovery techniques will ensure the best possible performance levels throughout the program.


DeAndre Jordan

Sloane Stephens

Kevin Durant

Anthony Davis

Kerri Walsh Jennings

Shawn White

Blake Griffin

Derrick Rose

Rajon Rondo

Seth Curry

Trevor Ariza

Wesley Johnson

Sasha Vujacic

Wesley Mathews

James Harden

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