Programs are based on athletic movement patterns, specific to the athlete and sport. 

Postural control, core stabilization, sport specific training and soft tissue techniques are the foundation of the program.

Neuromuscular adaptation and functional strength are progressively introduced, improving neuromuscular firing patterns, increasing explosiveness and making more precise, coordinated movement automatic.

Proper training will prevent or decrease the likelihood of injury through proper timing, balance, mobility, agility, biomechanics, proprioceptive response, and motor control.

​A Certified Athletic Trainer and Soft Tissue Therapist insure the athletes’ body gets the attention it needs to succeed.

Muscle testing creates a proper treatment protocol and corrective exercise program to fit the individual needs of the athlete.

​Optimal tissue integrity will be achieved through advanced soft tissue techniques incorporated with a sport specific corrective training program.

Proper recovery techniques will ensure the best possible performance levels throughout the program.



All prices below are inclusive. The athlete will receive everything he/she needs to succeed in the program: training, therapy, nutritional guidance and supplementation. They work one-on-one with the trainer and therefore, space is limited. Fees should be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Pre-draft and group rates will be negotiated on an individual basis.


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